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riskonnect logo_notagAny corporate, large or small, is in the business of making profit. Making profit involves taking risk. The two are almost directly related. The more business we undertake the more risk we have to assume. “Bringing risk under control is one of the central ideas that distinguishes modern times from the distant past” – Against the Gods. Peter L. Bernstein
Businesses use risk management information systems to monitor and control their overall cost of risk, and they use them to manage their risk effectively in order to maximize profit. Riskonnect, as the world’s leading risk management information system (“RMIS”) assists their clients with this effort.
A RMIS is defined as “an information system that assists in consolidating property values, claims, policy, and exposure information and provide the tracking and management reporting capabilities to enable the user to monitor and control the overall cost of risk” –
Riskonnect, Inc. was founded in July 2007 by Chief Executive Officer, Bob Morrell, Vice President of R&D, Antonio Dabraio and Vice President of Applications & Platform, Roger Dunkin. Independent and privately held, Riskonnect is Morrell’s second entrepreneurial endeavour in the risk management software space. Using his expertise and best practices from the rapid growth and divestiture of his first successful organization, Morrell and his team have grown Riskonnect to be the work platform of choice among leading executives, risk and safety professionals.
Riskonnect is more than just an RMIS though. They provide a premier, enterprise-class technology platform for the risk management industry. They are an independent (most other RMIS providers are owned and managed by insurance brokers) innovator in risk management technology which develops and markets a growing suite of technology solutions on a world-class cloud computing model, helping clients elevate their risk management programmes, safety solutions and programmes for management across the enterprise. Through Riskonnect RMIS, Riskonnect GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), Riskonnect EHS (Environment, Health and Safety), Riskonnect Healthcare, and other Riskonnect applications, the company provides the risk management industry with the specific, configurable solutions needed to reduce losses, control risk and affect shareholder value.
thryve has been marketing and supporting  Riskonnect since January 2015. As Riaan Bekker, Marketing and Support Manager at thryve for Riskonnect, says “…this offering has opened up a number of new opportunities for thryve and we have hit the road running.” Through its reseller agreement with Riskonnect, thryve is able to offer very competitive license pricing for the Riskonnect platform and is able to offer a South African based support and maintenance team for the support and configuration of Riskonnect implementations in Southern Africa.
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