thryve designs a marine certificate-issuing system for Hollard Marine

Hollard 300 wide
thryve (pty) ltd, one of the leading providers of web-based insurance administration systems is proud to have designed a bespoke marine certificate- issuing system for Hollard Marine-division of Hollard, South Africa’s largest privately owned insurance group – that offers insurance that protects all cargo types from damage or physical loss.

What is a Marine Certificate-Issuing System?

A marine certificate is a document that is issued by an insurance company. It states that a particular insured possesses a valid insurance policy with that particular company and that the insurance policy covers the load that is being shipped.
It is usually the case that the insurance company would issue the broker with a great deal of marine certificates, in hard copy, which would then be filled in manually. Says Albie Janse van Rensburg, Software Development Manager at thryve, “Hollard Marine approached us to design a bespoke system for them which would automate this process, so removing the need for paper copies of marine certificates.”
The main advantage of having a digital system to issue marine certificates comes in around distribution. Hollard now does not need to deliver physical copies of blank marine certificates to brokers in out-of-the way areas. In order to obtain the certificate, registered users simply log onto the system, capture the data and print it out. Another benefit is that each marine certificate can only be printed once, so ensuring that each certificate number is not duplicated – thus in keeping with legislation.
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