Thryve showcases Salesforce and Riskonnect at the IISA Conference

From 24 to 27 July 2016, thryve – which is the registered and approved Salesforce Consulting Partner specialising in the Risk and Insurance industries – had the pleasure of showcasing Salesforce and Riskonnect to the delegates at the 43rd Annual FIA/IISA/SAIA Insurance Conference.
The current prolonged state of crisis of the South African and global economy has seen a negative affect on the insurance industry both in South Africa and further up the continent. In response to this, the theme – ‘business unusual’ – was chosen for the 2016 Insurance Conference in order to highlight the significant issues that have come out of this crisis. Approximately 1 300 delegates attended this year’s conference.

Generating customer engagement

In order to get delegates to interact with the Salesforce system, thryve came up with an interesting activation idea. “Before the conference, we e-mailed all delegates inviting them to download the Salesforce1 mobile application,” says Riaan Bekker: Salesforce Solutions Manager at thryve. “During the conference period, we used Salesforce1’s Chatter feed to facilitate data sharing, delegate notifications and networking. We used gamification principles to get delegates to interact with the Salesforce functionality.”

How did this work?

Through the thryve Challenge, delegates at the conference were encouraged to participate in a number of different puzzles with new puzzles being introduced each day. A sales scenario was linked to the Challenge, with each puzzle win resulting in the assignment of a won sales deal to the player, with a value of the deal calculated based on time and number of moves taken. This encouraged use of the application, with a number of enticing prizes for winners. Engagement with the Salesforce1 App was also encouraged with a prize for the person who completed all the predefined tasks in the App. At the end of conference Ron Sehnke from Astute was awarded the Top Salesperson Overall prize and Karl Meissner-Roloff from Deloitte was awarded Overall Most Engaged Salesperson.

Value to delegates

“Without a doubt, the most valuable aspect of the offering was the power of the collaboration that is provided by the Chatter feature of Salesforce” says Sean Pyott: Managing Director of thryve. Delegates were able to share their questions and thoughts on each presentation and direct questions and discussion points to the presenters. Interesting topical conversations continued well after the completion of each presentation. Not only could presenters share their presentation slide file, but could also post other useful information for delegates to reference.

Feedback on Salesforce

Presenters and delegates who used the Salesforce1 App for collaboration were extremely impressed by the power of the platform. “I am very pleased with the response we received for the Salesforce product,” concludes Bekker. “The power of the world’s leading sales and service platform didn’t fail to impress.”
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