thryve hosts Hollard’s marine certificate-issuing system

thryve has designed a bespoke marine certificate-issuing system for Holserver-hosting 3lard Marine, which is a division of Hollard, South Africa’s largest privately owned insurance group. This system was previously hosted on third-party servers but recently the decision was taken to move it to thryve’s own hosting platform.


thryve’s infrastructure system

thryve is committed to maintain a current, efficient, fail-safe hosting environment which is tailored to custom-designed software solutions and their support. Says Craig Gibson, IT Infrastructure Manager at thryve: “The hardware and support solutions that we provide our clients are designed taking into account their data and application growth path. We provide full daily back-ups of all their data; safe, off-site storage of this information; as well as SQL Server, ASP.NET and encryption updates. Our hosting services are housed in a secure facility with extensive redundant systems for electricity, HVAC and networking, which assists us in providing a high-availability solution for client requirements. ”


What is the benefit of this?

As thryve designed the marine certificate-issuing system for Hollard Marine, having it on their own servers makes maintaining the system much simpler as maintenance turnaround times are reduced. “A dedicated technical and programming team is always on standby to maintain, upgrade and intervene on issues and queries related to the software underpinning the Hollard Marine system,” says Albie Janse van Rensburg, Software Development Manager at thryve. “During the hosting transition, the goal was for Hollard Marine not to experience any changes to the way that they use our system besides an improved web address and we have achieved this goal.”

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