Make Informed Governance, Risk and Compliance Decisions with Riskonnect GRC

Riskonnect empowers executives to make forward-looking decisions based on real-time, enterprise-wide, comprehensive risk information. Executives can’t make informed decisions if they are unable to see risks clearly. Riskonnect GRC gathers diverse risk data from across your enterprise in a highly visual manner. Our comprehensive, web-based system makes your risks easier to identify, assess, and manage.
Performance and risk are interconnected. Many GRC programs often focus on a single regulation or framework, such as the King III report, the ISO 31000 standard or Sarbanes-Oxley financial controls, with little to no view of the connectivity between enterprise-wide risks. Others address singular sources of risk, such as IT. Many GRC programmes fail. They fail to meet goals. They fail to bring value to organisations. They fail to connect silos of risk management present across many organisations. They fail to improve communication around risks. They fail to understand the culture of the organisation and the context in which its risks exist.
Embedding a risk management culture and risk awareness throughout your organisation is imperative. Technology that facilitates this can propel your programme to a significantly more mature level, while optimising internal controls and improving compliance. Business decisions can be much more strategic and opportunistic when decision-makers can see the interconnectedness of risks. Riskonnect GRC helps risk decision-makers to do exactly that by simplifying enterprise-wide strategic risk management. They quickly realise the value and opportunities of integrating such a framework. No other software enables users to enter and dynamically visualise risk relationships, communicate risk assessment and mitigation activities, and see the impacts of risk on objectives and financials.
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