thryve adopts cutting-edge reporting software

Tableau has been rated by Gartner (the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company) as the leader in their Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Report since 2013. thryve has recently adopted Tableau to add value to their clients’ reporting needs.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to easily connect to data, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards. On thryve’s decision to purchase the Tableau Desktop Professional, Simon Bos: Project Manager at thryve says: “We invested in this system because we believe that we can add more value to our customers by giving them more insight into their data.”

What are the benefits of this system?

It takes a long time to work through the pages and pages of detail that traditional reports provide, which makes it difficult to spot trends, identify opportunities, and confidently make data-guided decisions. “By creating dashboards with Tableau,” says Albie Janse van Rensburg, Software Development Manager at thryve, “we will help our clients drill down into the detail of their business data, thereby exposing problems and performance areas in their business.”
Tableau functions 10 – 100 times faster than most BI solutions out there, allowing a user to quickly view different aspects of their data. Such dynamic reporting makes Tableau an indispensable part of one’s business.
Clients can access the dashboards – which thryve will create for them – using the Tableau Reader. This is a free desktop application that they can use to open and interact with data visualisations built in Tableau Desktop. “Our clients can carry pre-packaged reports with them and do dynamic analysis with their own clients. These reports are completely offline once produced and are not affected by connectivity issues,” concludes Bos.
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