How Riskonnect will help you comply with the OHS Act

Section 8(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act states that employers have a duty to provide – as far as possible – a safe working environment for their employees. occupational-health-safetyHowever, sometimes – although all care is taken to ensure that this happens – accidents do happen and claims need to be instituted in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) Act.


There is a myriad of other risks that are posed to your business on a daily basis – not just health and safety related. To keep track of these – and make sure that you minimise the impact on your bottom line –  it’s a good idea to have these all managed on one, singular platform.


Riskonnect: an extremely powerful risk management platform


Riskonnect has recently been acknowledged as the fastest-growing middle market company headquartered in Georgia, United States. It has revenues of between US$15 and US$60 million (approximately R207 – R827 million). The company’s risk management platform boasts the following modules:


  • Risk Management Information System (RMIS),
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS),
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance, and
  • Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Solutions.


With Riskonnect’s EHS solution, you will be able to measure – for example – the following OHS-related risk data:


  • Integrated Safety Reporting
  • Loss investigations
  • Root cause analysis


“One of the biggest benefits of using Riskonnect’s EHS module,” says Riaan Bekker: Riskonnect Solutions Manager at thryve, “is that all information related to your risk is consolidated on one system. This means that the reporting in your business will flow seamlessly and work as a cohesive unit.”


Riskonnect users are extremely satisfied with the product, as evidenced by the feedback:


“With Riskonnect, there is just more time to focus, and you can spend more time on the analytics as opposed to the data gathering.”


“Riskonnect revolutionised how our department does business. This system changed the way we gather, analyse and communicate information. It’s made us more efficient, effective and reliable. These are not BandAids, but complete solutions.”


“Along the way, we have worked with many of the Riskonnect team members and they continue to exceed our expectations, always respond in a timely manner, and always conduct themselves in a professional way.”
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