How COID plays a part in your business

The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) Act 130 of 1993 provides compensation to employees – or the dependents of employees – should they be injured or fall ill during the course of performing their duties.


What are the employer’s duties under COID?


It is essential for all employers to register with the Compensation Commissioner and to supply all details of their business to this office. In addition, all employers need to keep a register of how much each of their employees earn. (This information will be crucial in determining the amount of compensation an injured/ill employee will be granted.)


Employers are obliged to pay assessment fees to the Commissioner on an annual basis. The amount of these fees is based on the sum that workers earn as well as the risks inherent in the work that is done. If these assessment fees are not paid, the Director-General may impose a fine. If an employer refuses to pay the fine, he/she will be guilty of an offence.


What are employees’ rights under COID?


Only full-time or part-time employees are entitled to claim under COID if they:


  • Are injured,
  • Are disabled,
  • Are killed, or
  • Become ill


Because of an accident or a disease in the workplace.


In order for claims to be paid, these need to be submitted in the correct format and within the stipulated time period. Claims will not be paid if:


  • It is lodged more than 12 months after the workplace accident, the employee has died or the disease is diagnosed,
  • The employee is off work – as a result of the accident or disease – for three days or less, or
  • The employee caused the accident because of his serious and wilful misconduct. However, the claim will be paid if said accident causes the death of the employee.


Defaulting on one’s COID obligations – as an employer – can have serious consequences. It is often that aspects of your business may operate in silos, thus allowing COID claims and assessment fees to slip through the cracks and not be attended to. Riskonnect’s Environmental Health and Safety solution will help you keep tabs on all of your obligations. Click here for more information.


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