Insuretech 2017: 3 trends to watch in Insurance

By Riaan Bekker This is a very exciting time to be in the insurance industry. Very exciting… and unnerving. So many technology concepts are swirling around that it is hard to select the right digital strategy.   The 7th Insurance Distribution & Insuretech Conference, held... 3

A one-of-a-kind product – Geopointe

As technology has grown and evolved so has the way we use it. In an article – published on the website of The Economist entitled ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’ – the following was pointed out:   The first industrial revolution saw the mechanisation of previously... 4

Is Your Cyber Risk Management Up To Scratch?

By Riaan Bekker   We are on the brink of – or in the very early stages of – the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This era is characterised by technology playing more of a role, than it has ever before, in our lives through, for example,…


thryve’s Social Responsibility in Wakkerstroom

The term ‘social responsibility’ gives employees of an organisation the opportunity to contribute towards society and the environment. People normally live for themselves, so contributing to other people’s aspirations and to society as a whole can open up a totally new facet of their lives….