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JLT South Africa

JLT Marine, a division of JLT South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“JLT”), is a specialised marine insurance broker in South Africa. We have developed thryveOnline which is the core broking and administration system used by JLT and has been tailored to meet the specific needs of JLT in the marine insurance arena.

The challenge has been to provide a system that allows JLT to administer a large number of broking opportunities, through requirements gathering, risk profiling, broking and documentation, in compliance with local regulations. Another challenge has been the provision of a system to efficiently process a large number of small valued insurance claims that are inherent in the courier and goods-in-transit industry.

Many clients have structured insurance facilities, and thryveOnline manages these structures, assigning premium and claims to the correct insurance layer and keeping track of the progressives towards each aggregate in each insurance programme.

Marine Underwriting Managers

Marine Underwriting Managers (“MUM”) is a specialised marine insurance underwriting manager, who utilise space in our server farm facilities, as well as relying on our Service Desk and IT Consulting services.

thryve covers all their Infrastructure requirements, from endpoint devices to file and print facilities on a redundant server infrastructure to maintaining and monitoring all their IT services, while giving them the opportunity to make use of our Service Desk and IT Consulting services.

Group Risk Management Services

The Mutual Risk Group is an association of a number of large JSE listed companies who participate in a common insurance vehicle to take care of their various assets, liability and motor insurance covers.

Group Risk Management Services (“GRMS”) uses Riskonnect to store the organisational structures of each of the MRG members. Attached to these structures are the current and active properties and their exposure values which are captured annually using thryve’s Insurance Renewal Data Collection Tool. This tool gathers, consolidates, validates and reports the annual insurance renewal information to MRG members, servicing brokers, placing brokers and underwriters.

Steinhoff International

Steinhoff Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd (SRS), the broking and risk management arm of Steinhoff International Holdings Ltd, use Riskonnect to convert possible insurance related incidents into claims and then administers those claims using the Riskonnect Claims module.

Incident data is either captured using the Incident Intake Portal feature of Riskonnect or automatically imported daily into a queue in Riskonnect, thereafter a Steinhoff Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd user assigns the incidents to the correct claims handler for further action. Claims handlers convert the incidents to claims and administers them utilising Riskonnect’s customised workflow and email templates. Claims information is then monitored by management using the superior analytics capabilities of Riskonnect’s reports and dashboards.

SRS also uses the Renewal Portal feature of Riskonnect to gather, validate and report on Steinhoff International Holdings Ltd, annual renewal information to underwriters.

SRS also started using the Riskonnect GRC tool for managing and administrating their combined assurance methodology, as well as managing the Steinhoff’s risk control framework consisting of standards alignment and auditing. SRS also utilise thryve’s premium allocation tool to take claims history, exposure data and risk control measures into account for fair distribution of premiums across its businesses.

Venari Executive Search Consultants

Venari  Consulting builds top management teams by identifying and attracting the best available talent for their clients. thryve provides a comprehensive support infrastructure for the company that covers all their Infrastructure requirements, from endpoint devices to file and print facilities.

Venari have access to thryve’s server farm facilities, as well as relying on our Service Desk and IT Consulting services.

Hollard Marine

thryve provides Hollard Marine with a web-based facility whereby associated brokers can request and print marine certificates of insurance on an ad-hoc basis, replacing older pre-printed certificate issuance methods.

This application applies policy limits and authorisation controls and also manages the printing of certificates within insurer-defined constraints. More than 250 insurance certificates are printed through this facility every month and the pace is rapidly increasing as more of Hollard Marine’s partners are coming online.

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