thryve (pty) ltd (“thryve”)


The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act requires us to inform you how we use and disclose the personal information we obtain from you.


Personal Information broadly means any information relating to an identifiable, living natural person or juristic person (companies, CC’s etc.) and includes, but is not limited to:


  • Contact details: email, telephone, address etc.
  • Demographic information: age, sex, race, birth date, ethnicity etc.
  • History: employment, financial, educational, criminal, medical history
  • Biometric information: blood type etc.
  • Opinions of and about the person
  • Private correspondence etc.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and will ensure that your personal information is used appropriately, transparently and according to applicable law.


thryve – who we are:


thryve is a specialist software development company.


What information we collect:


We collect and process your personal information mainly to provide you with access to the services we provide and access to the services and products of the providers with whom we have contractual agreements in place.


The type of information we collect will depend on the need for which it is collected and will be processed for that specific purpose only. Where possible, we will inform you what information you are required to provide to us and what information is optional.


With your consent, we may also supplement the information that you provide to us with information we receive from other providers in order to offer you a more consistent and personalised experience in your interactions with us.


When you elect to take up offerings from our contracted providers they may also require additional information from you and they will be subject to the same privacy regulations as we are subject to.


How we use your information:


 We will use your personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected and agreed to with you. This may include:


  • Providing products or services to you and to carry out the transaction you requested;
  • Confirmation and verification of your identity;
  • Information required for credit assessment and credit management;
  • For the detection and prevention of fraud, crime, money laundering or other malpractice;
  • Conducting market or customer satisfaction research;
  • Information for audit and record keeping purposes;
  • Information for legal proceedings.
  • Providing our services to you, to carry out the services you requested and to maintain and constantly improve our relationship with you;
  • Providing you with communications in respect of thryve  and regulatory matters that may affect you;
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements or when it is otherwise allowed by law.


Disclosure of your information:


We may disclose your personal information to our product providers whose services or products you elect to use. We have agreements in place to ensure that they comply with our privacy terms and conditions.


We may also share your personal information with, and obtain information about you from third parties for the purposes listed in 3 above.


We may also disclose your information where we have a duty or a right to disclose in terms of applicable legislation, the law or where it may be necessary to protect our rights.


Safeguarding your information:


The POPI Act requires us to adequately protect the personal information we hold and to avoid unauthorised access and use of your personal information. We will continuously review our security controls and processes to ensure that your personal information is secure.


If we need to transfer your personal information to another party for processing or storage we will ensure that any party to whom we pass on your personal information will treat your information with the same level of protection as required from us.


Your rights to access and correction of your personal information:


You have the right to access the personal information we hold about you. You also have the right to ask us to update, correct or delete your personal information. We will take all reasonable steps to confirm your identity before providing details of your personal information or making changes to your personal information.


You can contact us at the numbers or addresses listed below and request the information you would like:


Information officer:               Simon Bos

Telephone number:               +27 11 771 5600

Fax number:                            +27 11 388 0451

Postal address:                        P O Box 52817, Saxonwold, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2132

Physical address:                    Suite 6, 2 Hood Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2196

Email address:               



Changes to this Notice


Please note that we may amend this Notice from time to time. Please check our website periodically to inform yourself of any changes.