thryve markets and supports the Riskonnect® solution in Africa. As an independent innovator in risk management technology, Riskonnect® is the provider of a premier, enterprise-class technology platform for the risk management industry. Riskonnect® develops and markets a growing suite of technology solutions on a world-class cloud computing model, helping clients elevate their risk management programmes, safety solutions and objectives for Enterprise Risk Management.

thryve develops functionality to enhance the Riskonnect® solution and tailors the Riskonnect® solution to meet its client’s specific requirements.

Riskonnect® RMIS (Risk Management Information System)

Riskonnect® RMIS is an innovative approach to incidents, claims, litigation, exposure, property, policy management, asset management and more. The Riskonnect® risk management software platform empowers risk decision-makers with unsurpassed automation tools.

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Riskonnect® EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)

Integrating environment, health and safety risk management yields actionable business intelligence. Risk managers and EHS professionals are well-positioned with their background and expertise to reach across the aisle to integrate information and realize the bottom line results senior management and key stakeholders demand. Risk management executives and EHS professionals can now provide enterprise-class, integrated risk management solutions combined with business intelligence – all on one risk management work platform.

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Riskonnect® GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

Riskonnect® empowers executives to make forward-looking decisions based on real-time, enterprise-wide, comprehensive risk information. Riskonnect® GRC is a comprehensive, web-based system that gathers diverse risk data from across the enterprise in a highly visual manner so that risks are easily identified, assessed, and managed. Embedding a beneficial risk culture and the right level of risk awareness throughout the organization is imperative. Technology that facilitates this can propel your programme to a significantly more mature level, while at the same time optimizing expenditure on controls and improving compliance activity.

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Why thryve with Riskonnect®?

thryve is the southern-Africa Riskonnect® partner. We have Riskonnect®-skilled people on the ground in South Africa. Our customers do not have to queue for service from people in the United States or the United Kingdom.
We understand South African RMIS practices and tailor the Riskonnect® platform for South African circumstances.
Consulting and tailoring services are billed in South African rand, and are not subject to exchange rate fluctuations. We therefore provide a known and stable cost for Riskonnect® consulting and development services.
Our analysis and implementation people are based in South Africa and can meet regularly with our clients in South and southern-Africa.


The world’s leading cloud-based risk management information system is marketed and supported in Africa by thryve.

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