Riskonnect® Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

Riskonnect® RMIS brings the risk management industry speed, performance, accuracy, and reliability. A RMIS that doesn’t work when you need it isn’t an asset for your team – system downtime is a liability. Riskonnect® RMIS is a RMIS that works. It is an innovative approach to claims, litigation, exposure, policy management and more, with unsurpassed technology that has never been available to the risk management industry.

Riskonnect® Incident Management

Riskonnect® Incident Management gives you control over critical-incident intake, with world-class information, security and reliability. Scripted intake is dynamic based upon specific replies. Entry short-cuts and keywords decrease intake time. Client-specific, user-configured business rules and data validation improve quality. Automate your incident management workflow. Improve incident reporting notification, routing, and escalation.

Riskonnect Claims

Riskonnect® offers flexible, full claims administration. Riskonnect® Claims is a comprehensive claims administration system on an enterprise-class platform, enabling organisations that self-administer claims to track, manage and administer all lines of coverage. Organisations that do not self-administer claims can import their data from various sources and utilise the report and dashboarding features to derive valuable insight into their loss trends.

Riskonnect® Exposure Information Gathering

Use Riskonnect® RMIS to keep track of exposure levels, maximum possible loss values and other key parameters for each location and property within the widely dispersed corporate organisation. Consolidate and report on this data at each level of the corporate structure. Monitor and document variances in values over time and efficiently report on exposure values and each key exposure parameters.

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